Summer Camps 2018


This summer Draft Choice is down to 4 weeks of specialty camps. Our camps are designed to be progressive in their approach.

Our first Camp this summer is the Elite OFFENSIVE Defencemans Camp(July 23 - 27) is about being an offensive defenceman. Seeing your child just shoot the puck around the boards or up the walls without looking is what we focus on preventing. We want that first pass to be made in all situations. We want the players to be able to make confident escapes with TWO STEPS to open ice so they can get the puck to the forwards and create something from nothing! All skating mobility strides with and without the puck will be technically reviewed and corrected to maximize Speed, Agility and Balance! This class separates your child from the rest of the “D” on the team.

The Total Player I and II Programs (Aug. 13 – 17)are the foundation of our technical skills and skating. Having the players learn the game and improving skills using a “Consistent Language” creates an inviting environment for students to learn and benefit from. These classes begin with our basic skating fundamentals and develop into our full stride and arms progressions. Both sessions follow similar progressions but the Advanced TP II class obviously is run at a much higher level overall challenging the skaters to develop their own “Balance System!” As well as strides we incorporate pucks and our European “on Ice’ equipment to further enhance their individual skills. Our Spring boards, skating wheels, parallel bars, bungees and Attack Triangles are all integrated to create technical, challenging, and fun programs for the players.

Our last week of camps offers an option for a Full or Half Day! (Aug. 20 – 24) The morning camp is our Total Two Way Defence program that is based on a defencemen’s overall game! Skating and Puckhandling development to utilize in Game Situations with Success. Net presence, 1st passes, shot blocking, angling and body position for one on ones, and read & react” scenarios are just some of the areas of focus we will be teaching the players to gain confidence in executing successfully. The afternoon program is our Creative Puckhandling and Scoring combination camp. This camp in the afternoon is great with the first 1 1/2 hours of each morning focusing on "C" Cuts and Shifting to success! Very few programs will focus on our lateral skills progressions. Walking out of corners, escaping from board battles, or deking a player who is attacking head on? It is not always just racing up the ice from blue to blue. The second half of the session then moves into the development of shooting and deking learned in the first part of the program to build Scoring Success. Goalies Required from 2:15-3:45pm daily. One of the greatest advantages of being in our programs is the consistency that you will see in all of our programs! The language we speak, the demonstrations modelling what we are teaching, and the staff we have that all provide similar feedback! Our staff go out of our way to offer both positive and constructive feedback to all the skaters to make sure they all understand the process in getting to where they want to go! There are NO “Puck-pushers” on the ice!

Most of us are TEACHERS, and this is what we do for a living!

We hope to have an opportunity to teach your child in helping them get one step closer to their dreams!

We hope to have an opportunity to teach your child in helping them get one step closer to their dreams!

Summer Camp Summary - Girls are Always Welcomed at all Draft Choice camps - Click Price to Register

Camp NameCamp CodeDatesLocationArenaTimesTotal IceAgesLevelsPrice
ELITE OFFENSIVE Defensemen's Camp 31156July 23 - 27 MississaugaIcelands Arena8:45am-11:45am15 hours9-16A-AAA$385+HST
Total Player I 31138Aug 13-17 MississaugaIcelands Arena8:45am-11:45am15 hours5-12A-AAA$385+HST
ELITE Total Player II 31150Aug 13-17 MississaugaIcelands Arena8:45am-11:45am15 hours9-16A-AAA$385+HST
Total Two Way Defensemen’s Camp 31136Aug 20-24 MississaugaIcelands Arena8:45am-11:45am15 hours9-16A-AAA$385+HST
Creative Puckhandling and Scoring Camp 31135Aug 20-24 MississaugaIcelands Arena12:45-3:45pm15 hours9-16A-AAA$385+HST

Full Day Price Located on Registration Page

Total Player I  

Draft Choice has created the Total Player I program to develop the players’ overall personal skills. This program entails various skating techniques with and without the puck. The Power Player I is the best camp to introduce the foundation of our teaching techniques; Proper strides, arms, and hands positions with and without the puck. We are very specific in what we teach and have seen many individuals compete at high levels including the N.H.L using our technical approach to improving individual skills. The Power Player I program is the best camp to bring them to that level and help you Gain that Smile of Confidence.

·        Proper Foundation of Skating Techniques

·        Power Position Reinforcement using On-Ice Equipment

·        Proper Hands Puckhandling Progression

·        Skating Agility & Power Position Development

·        Result: Crisper Stronger Strides

·        Improved Deking Hands

·        Greater Balance & Confidence

This program is available as a 15 hour (1/2 day) program and allows the instructors to really get to know the students and helps you reach a new level of their game. Techniques and Drills are designed for the Student to go beyond their "Comfort Zones".

Camp Code



August 13 - 17


Missiaauga Icelands



Elite Total Player II

This program builds on the Total Player I program. This program is 15 hours of Advanced hockey techniques that would best suit the player who has completed our TP. I class or has had previous European Skills Training.

·        Challenging Edges & Balance Skating

·        Power Position Reinforcement using On-Ice Equipment

·        Conditioning and Acceleration Techniques

·        Thinking Agility (Read and React Drills)

·        Result : Full Stride Development

·        Added Power & Speed

·        Puck Control Supremacy

·        Superior Mind & Body Rhythm

For the player who is ready for an Elite Camp full of Challenging Skills and Drills.Players must be accepted.

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August 13 - 17

Mississauga Icelands


Total Two Way Defence Camp and Elite II OffensiveDefensemens Camps

Ask any coach what they look for in a hockey player. Most will say a “Total Two-Way” Player who possesses good offensive and defensive skills. Wayne Gagne has designed this program to introduce and reinforce many of the Offensive “Puck Control” skills he used as a player to Set Scoring Records and win the Scoring Titles in his Junior “B” and NCAA-CCHA Leagues. The program includes: quick feet and hands skills development with many escape maneuvers, reading the play and reacting with speed, pinching to finish the man and gaining possession of the puck, and first passes to create offensive plays. During each session zones will also be created to teach defensive positioning, angling 1 on 1 situations, as well as body contact.

·        Transitional Skating Development

·        Great Escapes & First Passes

·        Power Position Puck Protection

·        Offensive Read & React Progressions

·        Result: Greater Skating Mobility

·        Improved Game Anticipation

·        Improved Pass Completion

·        Improved One on One Eliminations

Learn to be the player that can turn a nothing play into a great scoring opportunity. Want to be on the Power Play and be the quarterback? Then this is the camp to get you there and get that extra ice time!

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31156 Elite Offensive D Camp

July 23 - 27

Mississauga - Icelands



August 20 - 24

Mississauga - Icelands


Creative Puckhandling


This program reviews Puckhandling skills taught in our Total Player I class and progresses into our Advanced Deking Techniques. Here is where the students learn to use instinctive deking and shifting movements in a lateral motion. Very few programs and coaches can teach these specific, complex movements. Draft Choice prides itself in knowing that all these moves will not only be taught, but demonstrated properly as well. One foot shifting, one to two hands puck protection, one to three move combinations, one hand and two hand acceleration, power turns and outside quick feet crossovers are just a few of the maneuvers that will be taught properly. As well as teaching all the moves the students will also be walked through various game situations and directed as to how to improve escapes with the puck using these instinctive deking moves to generate offensive situations.

·        Complex Hands, Feet, & Mind Progressions

·        Lateral Hands & Feet Development

·        Creative Moves, Shifting, & Escapes

·        Result: Improved Power & Balance Puckhandling

·        Increased Lateral Movement & Shiftiness

·        Confident Puck Control & Creativity

Very few programs and coaches can teach these specific, complex movements. Draft Choice prides itself in knowing that all these moves will not only be taught, but demonstrated properly as well. This is a one of a kind class!


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August 20 - 24

Mississauga - Iceland




Spring Team or Group Specialized Training

The Draft choicce Team is available for spring training during the months of May and June following tryouts. Rather than play spring hockey to get 20 more games to play, take this time to develop the skills necessary to beome a more effective player. We can run a program that build on individual skills along with forward & defensive game concepts tactics. DCH staff will put the players through a variety of Technical Skating & Puckhandling drills. These classes are very progressive and all of the skills & positional concepts are brought together at the end of each class with Quick Feet & Thinking Flow Drills. This great program refines your skating, improves your stickhandling moves, and teaches positional game concept knowledge. Coaches are welcomed to join the staff to learn and teach with our experienced teachers.

We can book 3-Skater Ice at Powerade Center in Brampton or in Mississauga from 3:00pm to 6:00pm during the months of May, June, and July, and/or attend your teams/groups ice. Please call for more information (416-427-6306)

  • Progressive Individual Skills Training
  • Forward & Defence Concepts Training
  • Fast Paced Mind & Body Flow Drills
  • Positive Feedback & Corection
  • Result – Quicker Foot & Hand Speed
  • Shifting & Deking Confidence
  • Stronger Power Position & Balance
  • Improved Game Awareness & Instinct



The Elite “Power Shooter” Program

The Ultimate desire for a hockey player is to score. Having a great shot is the key to their success. This class is designed to make sure your child is maximizing their “Power and Accuracy,” by teaching and reinforcing proper shooting techniques. Shooting in motion, stationary quick releases, crossing to open ice, and creating a solid base with the “Power-Step” will all be a focus in this “Eyes-Up” program. Strategies and vision are areas that need to be taught and not just talked about. We will teach and model and use goalies to demonstrate the best percentage shots to take for greater success.

·        Technical Shooting Progressions

·        Multitude of Scoring Techniques

·        Specific Shooting & Quick Release Drills

·        Result: Net Instincts Developed

·        Greater Offensive Zone Awareness

·        Improved Shooting Accuracy

·        Game Confidence & Execution


Not Offered This Summer

  Small Area Games Camp

This program will teach a player what to do with the puck and where to go without the puck in all areas of the ice.. Scoring opportunities come in a variety of methods. So often players spend their time in games waiting and watching not knowing where to go to be part of the play. This camp teaches players to be "support players" when a teammate has the puck.They learn to read the play and be in a position to be an "Outlet" option. When in possession of the puck the players will learn to develop their puck protection skills as the look for options. Driving lanes, give and go's, criss cross drop outlets, and many vision escape options. As a scorer or playmaker you need to be able to be in the right place at the right time. In this class you will learn same side triangles, 3rd person high, reading the play back door chances, as well as learning how to use "open ice" to your advantage!!

·        Technical Puck Protection Skills

·        Multitude of Passing Options

·        Specific Lane changes and Support

·        Result:Small Area Exchanges

·        Greater Ice Awareness

·        Improved Vision Options

·        Game Confidence & Execution


Not Offered This Summer


Total Player Sports Program

The First Step to Progressing into our Specialized Programs

This is the program where future draft choices or recreational players are developed.This is our most popular camp for students to either learn about Draft Choice training programs or to improve, review and develop their current skill levels. You will not have AA and AAA players mixed in with house level players in this program. When conducting our on ice programs the ice is divided and players are grouped accordingly. Skills and drills are taught so all levels of players are taught properly by real teachers. If you want your child to score some goals, be a better skater and puck handler, use some European On Ice Training Equipment as part of their development, and play a lot of skilled "FUN" Mini Games that our Physical Education teacher instructors have designed, then this program is for the future Draft Choice and recreational player!

·        Teachers Instructing According to Appropriate Levels

·        Skating Strides Technically Broken Down

·        Phys. Ed FUN Mini Games On Ice

·        Proper Hands Puckhandling Progressions

·        Result: Players Learn with Confidence

·        All Skating Strides Improved

·        Enhanced Puck Control

·        An Enjoyable, Safe, & Rewarding Experience

As a future Draft Choice or a Recreational Player you will develop! This camp is a must for the individual who wants to Reach the Next Level and experience something different with a smile!

Not Offered This Summer


Body Contact and Puck Protection

Body contact is present in boys and girls hockey. Many parents though see body contact as open ice hits. Body contact is when two players come together in a conflict situation, mainly battling for the puck. In our program players are taught “How to Take a hit, Give a hit and Avoid a hit.” A “Power Position” is established early and reinforced throughout this knowledgeable program for boys & girls. Players’ are also taught the do’s and don’ts when entering the safety zones with and without the puck. Your child will learn: to be more aggressive during the play, how to control the puck successfully during contact situations, how to eliminate a player properly from the puck, and how to be safe when on the ice.  They will gain the Draft Choice Smile of Confidence in this great educational and experiential session.

·        Power Position Reinforced

·        Angling, Bumping & Pinning Techniques

·        Puck Protection Progressions

·        Safety Zones - Do’ s & Don’ts

·        Result: Stronger On the Puck

·        Improved Aggressiveness During Games

·        Improved Angling & Pinning Skills

·        Successful Smile Of Confidence Developed

Not Offered This Summer

Quick Hands & Feet Agility On Ice Program

To be successful in hockey a player must have Superior Skills, a strong Power Position, and Stamina. Our quick hands and feet program stresses proper foot and hand positions to maximize speed and minimize improper body motions. Our acceleration drills with and without the puck are the keys to helping maintain and enhance proper motions. Working in our "Time and Space" areas is also a focus through our various escape and "quiet zones" speed work drills. Attend this program to gain knowledge of the game, increase speed and develop "fluid" motions with success.

·        Puck Acceleration Techniques

·        “Eyes Up” Deking Escapes

·        Shifting & Balance Puck Control

·        Small Spaces Speed Escapes

·        Result: Improved Speed and Balance

·        Better Puck Protection Control

·        Improved “Rushing” Ability

·        Physical & Mental Season Preparation

This one–of-a-kind program will provide more knowledge regarding off ice training, improve quick feet and hands speed and prepare the student for a great start to the season.

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Built into Total Player II & Small Area Games CAMPS




The "POWER" Forward (Part of Advanced Creative Puckhandling Class)

To be successful in hockey as a player you have to be aggressive and possess the Power to get to where you want to go! Of course having Superior Skills is expected, but if you are not a competitor and strong on the puck, then many opportunities are lost. Knowing how to gain puck control in conflict situations with confidence creates positive situations. Board battles, driving the net, lane changes and escapes all lead to scoring chances. While teaching how to gain puck possession and getting to the net, we also will be working on the scoring skills necessary to be a goalscorer! Working in our "Time and Space" areas is also a focus through our various escape and "quiet zones" speed work drills.

·        Power Position Strength

·        Driving Net Puck Possession

·        Quick Release Scoring Shots

·        Small Spaces Battle Escapes

·        Result:Improved Power & Balance

·        Better Puck Protection Control

·        Improved “Racing Aggressiveness"

·        Shot Speed Release


Camp Code





Combined with Advanced Puckhandling & Small Area Games CAMPS

Brampton - South Fletchers




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