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A Positive learning environment with the hockey experience and methods necessary to help you Reach the Next Level:

·         Teaching the Way Players Learn

·         Professional Hockey Experienced Instructors

·         Technical Correction & Positive Feedback

·         Skating, Puckhandling, Shooting, Defending, Scoring, Situational Strategy & Tactics

·         Develop individual skills within team concepts

·         Results and Confidence

·         Safe & Fun Teaching Environment


You might Know Hockey but can you Teach it?


At Draft Choice you will not hear an instructor say to a group…”here, do this.” You will see each instructor explain the skill, see it demonstrated properly, and provide positive feedback for continued success or improvement.  The Head Instructors at Draft Choice are Certified School Teachers.  At DCH we teach with experience and adapt our teaching styles to invite the students to be challenged and to maintain a positive work ethic. Our student’s leave with developed skills, a desire to improve, and the confidence needed to be successful.


Our program instructors have pooled their expertise to produce the most sophisticated and comprehensive skills technical program available. Our experience as players, teachers, and coaches of the game are the keys to helping each Draft Choice player gain the skills necessary to be successful and enjoy the game.


We Teach from Head to Toe, Start to Finish!!


 At Draft Choice we feed the players Heart & Soul with Technical Skills development!




Our Philosophy


Canada has always been at the forefront of International hockey with its Heart & Soul approach to the game. Canada’s drive to stay in the forefront of International hockey has evolved; Canada is now known for Heart & Soul Technical Hockey. 

The European approach to the game of hockey with a heavy emphasis on Individual Skills Development has been adopted by Canada right from Novice to the NHL.  With Canada’s North American style of play we have grown to learn and love throughout the years and the addition of the European Skills Focus, we strive to develop our future stars and draft choices of the future.

Several of our Head Instructors are coaches of AA, AAA, and Junior hockey teams. Over the past 10 years our game has changed with so many systems that youth hockey coaches bring to their teams from watching our professional leagues. The Draft Choice Staff is able to not only develop individual skills but teach the skills through our Game Concept "OPTION" System to keep up with our changing game. Gaining the Blueline, Cycling, and Scoring Boxes are just a sample of our staff teaching the game the way it is played today at all ages.

We Are Teachers of the Game !!!

We can offer the VOICE YOUR CHILD DOES NOT GET THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! We won't yell at the kids to get the point across. We will talk, teach, and demonstrate to reach all the different types of levels and learners.


Skills To Game Concepts Focus!!


At Draft Choice we feed the players Heart & Soul with Technical Skills development!  



Professional Instruction


Featuring: Wayne Gagné B.ED., Owner, Program Director and Head Instructor

Draft Choice Hockey Programs

Wayne delivers the complete package: Teaching expertise, his combined knowledge of playing and his teaching experience has enabled Draft Choice Hockey to become one of the top hockey development programs in the Toronto area. Each Draft Choice Instructor is hand picked and trained by Wayne to ensure that each student receives the same Heart & Soul technical Instruction. All instructors have significant hockey experience, most are certified teachers or pursuing a teaching career.



At Draft Choice we feed the Instructors Heart & Soul!  

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